Day 5

Bruzolo to Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne


72 miles (415 total) / 116 km (667 total)

Elevation gain:

6,864 feet (12,946 total) / 2,092 m (3,946 total)


The Alps. Not much more I need to say! We set off later than usual after a bit of a lie in (just before 7am). After a gentle ride up the valley, conserving energy for what lay ahead, we gingerly gazed ahead, trying to take in the magnitude of our task. Inevitably the mountain never showed its full hand, it couldn’t. There was just too much to see from any point on the ground. Each time we thought we’d reached the top, or at least be able to see it, the road took another bend and we soon began to realise that we just needed to be patient, the mountain would let us go when it was done with us, not the other way round.

On the ascent we saw several amazing sights, snow on the roadside, in June! Looking down on large blankets of snow from several hundred meters above and perhaps strangest of all was when we heard a helicopter. We looked up, but only saw clear skies, we then realised it was below us, still climbing to get to, and eventually beyond, our altitude. The descent was much easier, the hardest part was our arms getting tired from all of the braking, our legs had some well earned time off!

We’ve eaten and are now off to sleep, resting before another big day of climbing



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