Day 3

Colombarone to Baldichieri d’Asti


75 miles (279 total) / 121 km (450 total)

Elevation gain:

1,207 feet (4,521 total) / 368 m (1,378 total)


What a great day! Under ordinary circumstances I’d consider getting up at 5am, riding 70 miles with panniers, in temperatures rising from 20°c up to 40°c a hard day. These aren’t ordinary circumstances though, today was a (relatively) easy day and we couldn’t have hoped for better.

When we set off it almost felt chilly, but the temperature was rising throughout the morning. Luckily we had no issues at all, a few minor niggles, which in the grand scheme of things amount to nothing. We made good progress and reached Asti, 7 miles from our destination, before midday. As check in wasn’t until 4pm we decided to have a look around the town. We found the local market, food and the local park, where we decided to have a rest for a few hours. It was great to have some free time and we made the most of it!

We set off again around 3:30, our temperature gauges hit 40°c as we were riding but the end was in sight. We arrived at yet another wonderful b&b. The host, once again, couldn’t have been more helpful. After doing our washing (for the first time; we were starting to smell, sorry Nan!), it was once again time to eat. 3 courses just aren’t enough for us anymore and there is a chance we’ll actually put weight on during this trip!

As we have 2 hard days in the alps coming up we’ve decided to shorten Thursday’s ride to 60ish miles. This is almost our only opportunity to shorten any day and we need to both conserve energy and stay of out the blistering heat Italy is currently experiencing. Several photos have been uploaded to our Flickr page, to see them all click on any of the pictures on our home page. Until tomorrow, goodnight 🙂


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