Day 21

The Nello


97 miles (1,454 total) / 157 km (2,341 total)

Elevation gain:

5,413 feet (56,257 total) / 1,650 m (17,147 total)

Actual route

To celebrate the end to our month of riding we signed up to ride the Nello, FORCE’s annual fundraiser. Sarah, FORCE’s head of fundraising, announced to the group we set off with that we were part of the ride and we got a small round of applause, it was like being a minor celebrity for the day! It certainly gave us a boost and we set off faster than we probably should have so reigned it back a bit after the first few miles. Our initial speed could also have been partly to do with being back on our road bikes too as we were no longer weighed down with panniers, which took a bit of getting used to after 3 weeks.

The whole day went very well and throughout it we had people come and congratulate us on our trip, which made it even more special. We needed to stop at every food stop, for the rest as much as the energy. This did slow us down a bit but time really wasn’t important today, just getting round safely and not too slowly so we could enjoy the events at the finish in Topsham, were the main things. More friends and family came to see us arrive back and we had some time to celebrate with them in the glorious sunshine that stayed with us throughout the afternoon.

The whole trip has been a wonderful experience, and although there were some tough times for both of us, they largely made the trip better. After all, it was meant to be a challenge!



  1. Welcome home Shane and Steve ,what a wonderful achievement
    our thoughts were with you all the way, after tomorrow you will
    need a long earned rest.
    Love from Des and Dorothy

  2. Well there is more to Shanes fall on the tram lines in Venice!!!When he got back to Exeter he finally went to to doctor,the doctor could not believe what he found Shane had fractured his radius bone just below his elbow. Shane said :I didn’t want to make a fuss!!! what a HERO…..:angels dont always come when you call them,but they were sure there when Shane needed them. A extra proud

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