Day 2

Mantua to Colombarone


91 miles (204 total) / 147 km (328 total)

Elevation gain:

1,139 feet (3,314 total) / 347 m (1,010 total)


A much better day today, no incidents to report thankfully. A day of 2 halves. The morning was cool when we set off some time before 6 (28°c is cool to us now!) and it couldn’t have gone much better. A decent amount of cycle tracks off from the main road and very little traffic at that time of day. Some trips over cobbled streets in a few beautiful towns was the only thing that even slightly slowed our progress. We made good time and were within 20 miles of our destination by lunchtime. We needed to stop to eat, but more importantly to get out of the heat. There was a temperature gauge near the cafe which read 39°c (until we left when it changed to 37 just in time for us to take a picture!).

We set off knowing we were within 2 hours of finishing but still needed to stop a couple of times just for some respite from the sun. The last mile and a half were all uphill and our electronic tracking devices were showing it was just over 40° now. There was some shade in places on the ascent, unlike most of the Italian plains which have very few trees, but it was still tough going. We reached the b&b around 3:30 and after a quick shower we had a well earned sleep. We’re currently sitting in a restaurant near the b&b (we did worry we’d have to go back down to the town at the bottom of the hill to eat, thankfully not!) and are enjoying some local wine and stunning views. A ‘short’ 67 mile day is planned for tomorrow with little climbing, if we set off early we may get there around lunchtime…


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