Day 18

(somewhere near) Gace to Bayeux


69 miles (1,184 total) / 111 km (1,906 total)

Elevation gain:

2,018 feet (43,051 total) / 615 m (13,122 total)


Our last full day in France, we’re nearly home 🙂

We set off a bit before 9 as we wanted to get to our destination in good time so we can have an early night. Thankfully the day went quite smoothly, a couple of niggles but nothing that really held us up (small adjustments to tyres and brakes). The weather forecast said we’d have thunderstorms, but luckily the French forecasting is almost as reliable as the UK’s! The day was quite humid, which made it a bit of a drag, and harder than our average 60 mile day, but we didn’t get caught in the rain. We did see rain and lightening behind us in the afternoon but as we had a headwind (just like almost every day!) it didn’t affect us

We’re staying in Bayeux tonight so we’re off into town soon for some food, sightseeing and maybe a beer or two 🙂

Tomorrow is the only real deadline we have on the whole trip, to catch the ferry, so an early start is planned. The hotel serves breakfast at 6:30 so we should be away just after 7. As long as I don’t get seasick (which is a real possibility, and is the part of the journey I’m looking forward to the least) then the only obstacle we then have is the hills of Dorset and Devon. We’ve become used to the hills of Italy and France, which can be really, really long, but aren’t steep. I think our legs are in for one final shock when we hit home!



  1. Hi Shane.Your day off sure sounded busy! sounds like Steve is having a hard time looking after you, Glad you are both enjoying the experience,hope today went well <<<<>>>>
    love mum and

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