Day 17

(somewhere near) Gace


10 miles (1,116 total) / 17 km (1,795 total)

Elevation gain:

446 feet (41,034 total) / 136 m (12,507 total)

No planned route

Shane’s ride (not included in the total as it wasn’t a joint ride)

Our 3rd and final rest day. Steve took the opportunity to have a relaxing day at our accommodation, apart from having to fix yesterday’s puncture and do some washing. I wanted to get away early and Steve kindly woke me up at 5:30 as requested (cyborgs don’t need to sleep of course!) Unfortunately I fell straight back into a deep slumber, just managing to get up in time for breakfast at 8. Although later than planned I still went to the beach, stopping off in Taunton (Rue de, in Lisieux, it’s twin town). After some shopping (a fridge magnet, as instructed!) and a quick bite to eat it was back on the road, getting back only to shower and change, before riding to the nearest restaurant 5 miles away. We really are in the middle of nowhere!

A relatively short 65 mile day tomorrow as we want to get there early to check over the bikes, on Friday we can’t afford delays as there’s a ferry to catch. If possible we may have time for some sightseeing, but that will just be a bonus if so

Bon nuit



  1. hey boyz, do not leave the country without trying a genuine eclair.Shane i am sure you are thinking of wine but since you are such a good sportsman a sweet will have to do. keep it up. Are thoughts (every now and again) are with you

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