Day 16

Artenay to (somewhere near) Gace


110 + 10 miles (1,105 total) / 177 + 16 km (1,778 total)

Elevation gain:

2,434 + 502 feet (40,587 total) / 742 + 153 m (12,371 total)

Route (just the main ride, see below)

After a few shorter days we’ve done our first, and only planned, century ride. We started early, trying to leave before 6, however we were again delayed as the hotel wasn’t open for another 15-20 minutes after we got to the storage area (despite assurances from the staff the night before)

As we left before breakfast we had empty stomachs, which didn’t seem to affect Steve at all (along with his ability to keep pedalling and not bleed from a large cut to his arm, I’m even more certain he’s a cyborg every day). We managed to find somewhere to get food about an hour and a half into the ride and once again all was well, another lesson (that we should have already known) was learnt.

Although the day was long we didn’t have any issues until we reached our accommodation. It’s a lovely place, great setting and views, but you need to travel here by car as the nearest restaurant is 5 miles away, hence the extra 10 miles added above. After quick showers and changes of clothes we set off to eat. When we arrived we discovered Steve has a slow puncture in his front tyre, nothing we (he!) can’t fix, especially as we have a rest day tomorrow (planned to coincide with celebrating England’s qualification in the world cup…)

We’re back at the hotel now, just about to charge all our devices, wash our clothes (for the last time, hooray!) and have a good night’s sleep. Although today wasn’t a hard day it did go on for hours and hours, so again it’s a good job we have a rest day tomorrow…



  1. Hey Shane, glad you are getting through and storing up good times to look back on.
    I still have no bike but a friend has lent me a cycle machine! You are putting my 10 minutes a day to shame. 🙂
    My fav things about france are the hot chocolates and crepes hope you are stuffing yourself. See you soon 😉

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