Day 14

Nevers to Briare


61 miles (914 total) / 98 km (1,470 total)

Elevation gain:

443 feet (37,083 total) / 135 m (11,303 total)


It all started the night before.  Nevers was having a music festival and the whole town was invited, including us . As we were visitors we thought it rude not to accept, and so went into town to enjoy the festivities. There were over 20 acts in various places but the one we wanted to see, a 60’s blues and rock act, was a little way out of the centre. The lead guitarist was very good, thankfully, as his playing allowed us to recognise most of the songs! As they were on until midnight we did consume a few more beers than was probably sensible, but we wanted to let our hair down, and Steve needed some relief after being stuck with me for 2 weeks!

On the way back we had another drink in town and some crepes (when in France!). We got to bed around 1:30 and fell straight to sleep. The next morning was more of an issue, for the obvious reasons! Thankfully the day was as good as it could have been, bar the cycle route signs disappearing all too frequently, but we couldn’t have asked for better from the weather or the bikes. (Another) lesson has been learnt (not that we didn’t already know this one…)

We’re (planning on) staying alcohol free for at least today as tomorrow we start to increase both distance and climbing

Until tomorrow, good night 🙂



  1. Hi, It must be real nice riding by the river,and flat.The town of Nevers seemed a hive of activity very well done.:::thought of the day:::Everybody goes though difficult times,but your attitude determines how long you stay there:::
    keep those legs peddling love

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