Day 13

Digoin to Nevers


67 miles (853 total) / 107 km (1,373 total)

Elevation gain:

456 feet (36,640 total) / 139 m (11,168 total)


It’s amazing how much difference a week makes. Looking back to last Saturday we were battling Col du Galibier and everything it threw at us, looking forward a week we’ll be almost home. Here we are right in between those 2 stages that will probably stay with us the longest and there’s so little to write about that’s different to the last few riding days, and probably the next few as well. We’ve, thankfully, had an uneventful day. There have been a good amount of cycle tracks running alongside the canal, although there was a stretch of 10 miles or so that was being resurfaced. We stayed well away from that and chose the road, lessons have been learnt from a few days ago! Even when we did have stretches on the roads they were relatively clear of cars.

We’ve got into a routine of packing before each ride, knowing when to get food for a picnic and stopping at a great location to consume it, and have a little sleep! The same can be said for when we arrive at our hotels. With (what feels like) military precision we get showered, packed for the next day and start charging the myriad of electrical devices that allow us to track each day’s rides and keep in contact with the outside world.

Our accommodation tonight has an army of cats behind every door, presumably all are known to the owners, at least we hope so… Once again the town, Nevers, is beautiful and there is more to see than we have time for.

During the past week we’ve seen lots of posters at the places we’ve stayed in for upcoming events for this weekend. Now the time is upon us we’re going to experience the festivities. There is a fairground right outside our bedroom window (literally the other side of the road!), and a music event just around the corner. So we will experience the festivities, whether we like it or not! Luckily we both sleep like logs (just as well with all the snoring) so we should be fine.

We’ve got a very similar day tomorrow, it feels like the calm before the storm as the last week increases both in distance and elevation



  1. Hello Shane and Steve,Tyler here, im in charge again today. if I was with you I would be in the Loire I love a swim,..thought:::instead of having the rug pulled out from under your feet,,learn to dance on a moving carpet:::
    as for saving your legs, I love licking sweaty legs,dont I Shane.
    love and woofs

  2. You are both achieving something incredible and this time next week a bottle of pear cider will be yours. looking forward to seeing you at the finish. what you are both doing is just unbelievable. Big respect, big proud! big love

  3. Thanks Rachel, your comment is so kind. Knee is fine now just think it got a bit sore doing all the climbs in the alps. Seems strange we have less than 400 miles left, the time has gone so quickly but looking forward to the finnishing line next Saturday 🙂

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