Day 10

Amberieu-en-Bugey to Macon


54 miles (729 total) / 87 km (1,173 total)

Elevation gain:

1,316 feet (32,772 total) / 401 m (9,989 total)


Well it doesn’t get much better than that! We had a lie in, time for a proper breakfast, didn’t leave until 10, quite a flat ride, very little headwind and got to Macon by 1. There were a few spots of rain early and we both had our jackets on for the first hour or so, nothing at all in the grand scheme of things. We were able to check in early so left our panniers and went out to explore the beautiful town of Macon. Pictures of the church and other sites will be uploaded to our Flickr page soon.

We had some lunch on a bench under some trees near the centre, then there was still the job of cleaning our shoes, tools and bikes after being coated in tar from yesterday. After arriving back at the hotel we set to work with white spirit on those parts and I took the opportunity to also clean the drive chain, mine was filthy, now it’s never looked so clean! Steve’s chain was pretty shiny as it had needed to be replaced after the incident yesterday. We’re currently in our room on our tablets, at a quick glance we could pass for a couple of teenagers (it’d have to be a very quick glance!)

Another short day tomorrow at 53 miles, which is our last riding day under 65 miles, maybe a chance for some sunbathing when we get there?

1 Comment

  1. Hi Shane,Got here before you today, just been following you both on your bycles,You have a shorter ride today,hope it goes smoothly.
    Tyler wrote yesterday as you saw his spelling aint too hot!
    :::Thought of the day::Do we gaze at the stars because we are human,or is it because we are human that we gaze at them?
    take care love mum and

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