Meet the riders

Steve (Nelly) – the inspiration

Steve (Nelly)

Steve is the driving force behind this trip. He initially had the idea in 2012 and is the reason it’s happening at all. Coincidently having the nickname of Nelly, it was thought fitting to name the ride after him, as it is also very close to Nello (Nello Ghezzo) who did the original ride with Marc Millon in 1997, but sadly the following year Nello passed away with cancer.

Having completed a Lands End to John o’ Groats ride in 2008 and losing his partner to Cancer in 2011 he now feels ready for another challenge.

Shane – the newcomer

Shane before our first training ride

After getting his first proper wheels in 2011 for a John o’ Groats to Land’s end ride Shane has been looking for the next big challenge, so when this opportunity came along it was too good to pass up. This will be Shane’s first unsupported ride, and although the prospect of riding with panniers for over a thousand miles at first seemed daunting he is determined stubborn enough to make sure we both achieve our goal!


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