Fundraising events

Princesshay 24th May

Our second event was held in Exeter’s Princesshay shopping centre on Saturday 24th May. The crowds were much larger than the first fundraiser and thanks to even more help from friends a grand total of 302.48 was raised, which is almost £400 for both events combined. We are hugely thankful to everyone involved, FORCE for the equipment, Princesshay land security for their help and assistance on the day, our glamorous assistants for helping generous donors to part with their hard earned cash, and of course everyone that kindly donated money on the day.

We are pleased to announce the winner our second Hetty vacuum cleaner is local man Sumedh (on the right of the picture).

Our second Hetty winner - Sumedh

Exmouth 5th May

Steve (Nelly) and Shane held a fundraising event in Exmouth on the Strand on bank Holiday Monday 5th May. They used their bikes on turbos (effectively turning them into stationary exercise bikes) all day. We raised £95.62 for the day.

We are pleased to announce Sonja as the winner of our first Hetty vacuum cleaner.  She was presented with her prize shortly after the draw:



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