Day 0

A head start on the ride, from Marco Polo airport to Stra


31 miles / 51 km

Elevation gain:

220 feet / 67 m


We’ve done it, we’ve cycled to Venice! That wasn’t so hard… (from the airport!). We’ve had an interesting day, where do we start? 4am! Got to the airport in good time but still managed to be last on the plane somehow! The bikes got there ok and we assembled them in the baggage collection area.

We then cycled to Venice, which is beautiful but not the most cycle friendly place, 10 Euros each to park them for a couple hours 😦 saw St Marco’s square and had some food while the temp was mid 30′s, which we needed to stay out of!

A few miles after leaving Shane’s wheel got caught in a tram line. Family: I’m fine, just a scratch (you can stop reading now). Ladies: It was a massive fall that would have taken down a mountain gorilla, but I took it like a hero, shrugged it off and carried on cycling (you can stop reading now). Fellas: It was sooo cool, after I slid across the road and bounced off the crash barrier with my head I was going to slide back onto the bike and carry straight on, but as Steve was right behind me I was worried he’d run into me, so didn’t do it.

Seriously though, I’ve got a cool scar on my shoulder but it’s fine. My right elbow isn’t so good. Think I’ll be cycling 1 handed tomorrow to rest it, gear changes and braking are affected so I need to keep the speed down to stay safe. My main concern at the moment is that I may not be able to do alpe d’Duez when we get there. Fingers crossed 🙂


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