Our epic adventure is now over and we can reflect on what the trip has meant to us, and which memories will stay with us, for good or bad.

Steve (Nelly):



When I first heard of this opportunity through FORCE I signed up thinking it would be a great adventure, but without fully appreciating how hard it would be (they say ignorance is bliss!). We had many highs and a few lows, but all added to the trip and allowed us to have some wonderful memories that will stay with me forever.

  • Best meal: Day 2, a virtually empty Italian restaurant we only found through a conversation in French!
  • Best accommodation & hosts: Days 6 & 7, Chalet Michelle.
  • Best climb: Day 6, Col Du Galibier, with honourable mentions to Col du Telegraph and (day 5) Col du Mont-Cenis.
  • Hardest day’s ride: Day 1, still the most difficult day’s ride I’ve ever done.
  • Low point: Day 1, my spoke breaking. Thankfully Nelly kept my spirits up when I needed it most.
  • Most fun: Day 13, The music festival in Nevers.
  • Most memorable: Day 19, Utah beach.
  • Best moment: Day 20, The finish! Second: Day 6, Getting to the top of Col du Galibier

Thanks Steve. This was all possible thanks to you mate


A note on the ride statistics:

We primarily used garmin GPS tracking devices to record our rides. Our particular garmins give accurate figures for distance and [especially] elevation. While we were away we were unable to upload these files so we also recorded the rides on mobile phones, allowing everyone to see the days rides. There is a well know issue with elevation figures that phones (and some other devices) produce, usually over-inflation. The elevation figures quoted on each days page are from the garmin devices and so do not correspond with the ride files in the links.



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